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Follow TWO simple steps to get your business listing, up and running.

1. Create Your Listing provides an easy to use submission form for creating and publishing your business listing.

This form allows you to enter important information about your business.

It is recommended that you complete as much information as possible. Selecting categories and location is required. Including tags and keywords will help in search results.

Ensure that you upload a correctly formatted logo, feature image and 5 – 20 gallery image(s). Remember, a picture speaks a thousand words.


After a quick review we will publish your listing.

Edit Your Listing

Bridalbookafrica provides an easy to use form for editing your existing business listing. This form allows you to update important information about your business so that your information is always current.

3. Claim Your Listing

Once your listing is live on the site, please check your listing and ‘Claim‘ it as your own.

The platform allows all registered users to create business  listings. They do not have to own or work in the business.

If someone has done you a favour and created your listing for you, take control of your listing by claiming it as your own. The team will review your claim and it will then be linked to your account.

After claiming your listing, it will provide you with access to your dashboard, the hub for all of your business tools and listings.

4. Enhance your Business Listing

Take advantage of our tools to extend the reach of your listing.
Start now to enhance your listing!

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