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Our “Client-getting-system” drives massive leads to your page. It floods your account on bridalbookafrica.com with clients in buying mode.

The big questions are…


  • How do you ensure these leads are moved to the buying or booking phase?


  • What facilities will make your page become highly conversion-driven and extremely goal-oriented, with the purpose of ultimately persuading visitors to take action and convert?


  • How can your page be optimized to address the concerns of your visitors in such a way that they literally can’t wait to book your services or buy your products?


To address the above question,

we have put together 5 Must-have facilities that trap total strangers on your page and turn them to loyal clients.

They are:

  • Business Profile
  • A critical mass of Customers Reviews
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Promotional blog blasts
  • Social Sharing


1. We get your Business Listing ready:

You must have created your business profile on Bridalbookafrica.com, and been conversant with your login details and processes. If you forgot your login details, you can request for a new one. You should be able to access and manage your profile from the dashboard.      

From user Dashboard, you can…

  • Update your listing – Change Details, add new images or business hours,
  • Answer questions – Answer your visitors’ questions.
  • Start Ad Campaigns – Add your listing to the front page to be seen first
  • Create Announcements – Inform your visitors about latest news or deals
  • Create Deals and Coupons – Offer discounts to attract more users
  • Add Bookings – People can book you right on the webpage
  • Add Events – Workshops planned? Add and promote them right at your listing
  • Check Reviews – Check and answer your customers Reviews.


Also, its important you verify your account to build customers trust?


2. You must a critical mass of customers Reviews:

Bridalbookafrica.com is essentially a review site – the biggest review site in Africa. It offers consumers the avenue to share their experiences and opinions with their online peers, in a way that is extremely influential and powerful.


For example, a 2015 Nielsen survey of 30,000 internet consumers from 58 countries found that 70% of respondents trusted consumer opinions posted online. Every review on Bridalbookafrica.com that recommends your business is a powerful form of marketing.


Reviews will increase your consumer confidence, enhance your product visibility, and can dramatically increase your sales.


If you don’t have good number of reviews on your page, you’ll be losing money.


3. We do your Search Engine Optimization:

SEO is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your page through organic search engine results. Organic traffic from Google search is THE highest-quality, highest-converting and most valuable traffic that there is online. Nothing comes close. Nothing.


We will implement on your Business Listing the most powerful trade secrets for boosting your organic rankings and opening the floodgates to organic traffic.

Your brand’s visibility and trust will jump, giving you more opportunity to convert total strangers to loyal clients.


4. Content marketing with promotional blog blasts:

Our highly compelling promotional blog content will be one of the most cost-effective and easiest ways to promote your business, increase your sales, establish you as an authority in your industry and also help you to reach new markets, and rake in more cash, more than you have ever done.


As we make promotional blog content marketing around your brand, we

  • Educate your leads and prospects about the products and services you offer
  • Build relationships between your customers in a way that results in increased loyalty
  • Show a massive audience how your products and services solve their challenges
  • draw a sense of community around your brand
  • Makes your business profile on bridalbookafrica.com easing seen
  • to help boost traffic


5. Social Sharing:

Through our explosive social sharing around your business, we

  • Establish your brand as an industry expert by providing valuable resources, news and ideas
  • Increase social visibility within your niche, which will help get you on the radar of customers, users and potential partners
  • Start conversations around and build good-will towards your brand or profile.
  • Make it easier for you to gain new social followers, fans and friends


Let me ask you a question,

and be honest:

Does your business suffer from the following symptoms?

  • Do you wonder where your next client is going to come from?
  • Are competitors with inferior products and services seeing more success than you and stealing your market share?
  • Are you overwhelmed and overworked with trivial activities?
  • Are you trading time for money and not earning your true value?


If your answer to any of the above question is yes,

You need this VIP Business Plan.

This “Client-getting-System” will change the game for your business


and turn it to…


A wildly successful business where:

  • Customers chase you, and not the other way around.
  • New leads, clients, and revenue are generated predictably and consistently.
  • You speak only to highly-qualified prospects you can actually help.
  • You have an automated lead-generation system that delivers new customers on demand with minimal human effort.
  • You focus only on the Highly Leveraged Activities that produce revenue.


BridalBook VIP Plan Weddings, Event Planners | Bridalbookafrica.com Easily find local wedding vendors, best event planners, cakes, dresses, invitations & more. without stress and hassle on Bridalbook Africa.

Let’s face it,


Selling your products, booking your services, is the single most valuable activity you can do in your business.


Let me be brutally clear and not mince my words…


It doesn’t matter whether you have a great product or service. Your entire existence as an entrepreneur lives and dies by how effective your sales and marketing is at producing new revenue.


The fate of your business lies not just in having the best product, (or being the best photographer, cake designer, Venue decorator, Hairstylist, etc )  but in your ability to market your products or services.


The destiny of your company, your income, your family’s income, and the income of your employees and their families rest in whatever ‘fate’ drops in your lap.


Without selling system like this VIP Plan, you will not have sales, and without sales, you will not have cash flow and without cash flow your business will die from lack of cash, which is the oxygen to any business.


You can choose to ignore this offer, turn a blind eye, and tell yourself that ‘everything will work out fine’.

Or you can …


Take up this client-getting machine that predictably brings in hordes of new customers every day like clockwork, and see how phenomenal owning a business can be.


This offer is really not optional for you – it’s essential.

Because if your business is being flooded with profitable sales, there really is no problem you can’t solve with the right amount of money. No one you can’t hire. No system you can’t implement.


The moment you click the upgrade button below and make your payment


Our team of expert will quickly…

  • Run a check on your profile and get it ready
  • Drive your customers review plan
  • Start making promotional blog around your brand to make you incredibly visible ($200)
  • Start executing your SEO (worth $500) to put you in the fore.
  • Create a minimum of 50 pins on Pinterest to drive qualitative and quantitative traffic to your account start sharing your brand across the most relevant social media platforms (worth $100/year)

Are you ready?

To upgrade to VIP Plan?

And start dealing with begging-to-buy clients?

To Dive in?

Compare our flexible plans

The Freemium Plan keeps your business visible, showing image gallery, location and price range, for unlimited time. However, it does not come with most key features that enhance business opportunity. Prospective clients cannot contact you directly. They could contact you through BridalBook Africa as your contacts don’t display on your Listing page.

With Premium Plan, you have direct contacts with prospects, add videos, Social Media links to your accounts,  your own FAQ`s, Lead Form, Events, a Booking Form and Coupons for your customers.

You also have partial search engine optimization SEO (learn more), which determine the quality and quantity of traffic to you page.

Regular showcasing of your brand/jobs on our social media handles.

You can always upgrade in just a couple of steps via your dashboard to VIP plan.

VIP Plan is for brands that want to dominate the market; who want a flood of the most highly-qualified and cashed-up customers waiting in line to do business with them. It has all the features and benefits of Premium Plan. Plus:

Blog Campaign learn more

Dedicated staff to your page that constantly run checks on your account to make sure you are best positioned for regular jobs. (S)he overseas your content, manages your tags & key words (learn)

Executing the 5 strategies above may worth more than $1000

But we won’t charge you $1000


To upgrade to the VIP plan, with the 5 no-fail strategies,


The cost is just $45 for one full year!

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